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April 2011


The evocation of Democritus has here many reasons :
Physicist, following Leucippe Democritus had the intuition of the atom, which oriented my professional life in the energy domain.
Philosopher, Democritus was maligned and so still is, wrongly, despite the relevance of his assertions, "des mots critiques".
And in its various forms, this word game "critic" has guided my own philosophy.
For some strange intention, Democritus remains wrongly located among philosophers.
It still bothers the dominant philosophy, despite the experience of our physical and social sciences.
There remains nothing, but some quotes of the work of Democritus, whose last works were destroyed at the beginning of the Christian era.

Democritus was in total opposition to the philosophy idealistic of Plato.
If Plato could not ignore Democritus, none of his texts quotes him, and Aristoxenus reports in his "Historical Memoirs" that he wished to burn all the writings of Democritus.


The following quotes come against Platonic philosophy :


"The fortuitous conjunction of atoms is the origin of everything. "


"Everything that exists in the Universe is the result of chance and necessity. "


"The wise and learned man is the measure of all things. "


"In truth, we know nothing, because the truth remains in the well. "

"Nothing is more comical or ridiculous that all life; it works to seek imaginary goods, build projects that would require several lifetimes added one to the other; it disapears just when we dare to count on its strengths, where one relies more on the duration, it is finally a perpetual illusion, that appeals as more quickly and more easily, as it carries with itself the principle of seduction.
I wish the entire Universe is unveiled suddenly in our eyes.
What would we see?
that weak men, light, restless, passionate about trifles, grains of sand;
that low and ridiculous inclinations, masked under the name of vertue;
that small interests, family quarrels, negotiations full of deception, which are accepted in secret and that no one would dare produce under light;
bonds formed by chance, of resemblance of flavor is seen as a series of reflections;
things that our weakness, our extreme ignorance leads us to consider as beautiful, heroic, brilliant, albeit at the bottom of it that are worthy of contempt
And after that, we would stop laughing men, mocking us with their supposed wisdom and all they boast so loudly. "

to follow, "des mots, critique"


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