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The IDEAS Group is the International Defence Enterprise Architecture Specification for exchange Group. The deliverable of the project is a data exchange format for military Enterprise Architectures. The scope is four nation (plus NATO as observers) and covers MODAF (UK), DoDAF (USA), DNDAF (Canada) and the Australian Defence Architecture Framework.

The initial scope for exchange is the architectural data required to support coalition operations planning - Systems - communications systems, networks, software applications, etc.

Communications links between systems Information specifications - the types of information (and their security classifications) that the comms architecture will handle Platforms and facilities.

System and operational functions (activities)

People and organizations

Architecture meta-data - who owns it, who was the architect, name, version, description, etc.

The work has begun with the development of a formal ontology to specify the data exchange semantics.

The W3C Resource Description Framework (RDF) and Web Ontology Language (OWL) will be the format used for data exchange. A demonstration of multinational interoperability is scheduled for September 2007, based on exchanging process models for casualty tracking.

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