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The NATO Architecture Framework is an Enterprise Architecture framework by the NATO derivatived from the DoDAF Enterprise architecture.

The current NATO C3 System Architecture Framework v2 (NAF v2), issued by NATO in September 2004 provides guidance on describing communication and information systems. Revision 3 of the NATO Architecture Framework (NAF), promulgated in November 2007, is identical to MODAF at its core, but extends the framework by adding views for Bandwidth Analysis, SOA and standard configurations.

The seven views are:

* NATO All View (NAV)

* NATO Capability View (NCV)

* NATO Operational View (NOV)

* NATO Service-Oriented View (NSOV)

* NATO Systems View (NSV)

* NATO Technical View (NTV)

* NATO Programme View (NPV)

Each view has a set of subviews.

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