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rdf:ID : Product_Data_Management

rdfs:label : Product Data Management

Product Data Management (PDM) is a category of computer software used to control data related to products. PDM creates and manages relations between sets of data that define a product, and store those relationships in a database. It is an important tool in product lifecycle management.

image/svg+xml Conception : Henry Boccon-Gibod Terme Anglo-Saxon c Produit logiciel c source Wikipedia D http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syst%C3%A8me_de_gestion_de_donn%C3%A9es_techniques voir aussi S Product Lifecycle Management Bill of Materials Computer Integrated Manufacturing Enterprise Lifecycle Management Gestion Electronique de Documents a pour traduction P Gestion des Données Techniques a pour acronyme P PDM rdf:type P Produit logiciel Product Data Management