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The SoaML (Service oriented architecture Modeling Language) specification is created in response to the UPMS (UML Profile and Metamodel for Services) RFP and describes a UML profile and metamodel for the design of services within a service-oriented architecture.

The goals of SoaML are to support the activities of service modeling and design and to fit into an overall model-driven development approach. Of course, there are many ways to approach the problems of service design. Should it be taken from the perspective of a service consumer who requests that a service be built? Should it be taken from the perspective of a service provider that advertises a service to those who are interested and qualified to use it? Or, should it be taken from the perspective of a system design that describes how consumers and providers will interact to achieve overall objectives ? Rather than presume any particular method, the profile and metamodel accommodate all of these different perspectives in a consistent and cohesive approach to describing consumers requirements, providers offerings and the interaction and agreements between them.

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