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WebCL Motivation

• Enable high performance parallel processing on GPU/multicore by

web applications.

• Portable and efficient access to heterogeneous multicore devices.

• Platform independent, efficient and standards compliant solution.

- Leverage device’s multicore/parallel computing resources from web-based apps.

• Integration of OpenCL capabilities in the JavaScript environment.

- Enhanced performance (comparable to native OpenCL).

• Enable a breadth of interactive web applications with high

compute demands, on mobile platforms with multicore resources.

- E.g. apps: Object Recognition, Speech Recognition, Gaming, Augmented Reality, etc.

WebCL Design Goals

• Enable general purpose parallel programming on heterogeneous

processing elements, with following design philosophy:

- A single coherent standard across desktop and mobile devices.

- Open, royalty-free standard for general purpose parallel programming.

- Encourage openness with public specification drafts, mailing lists,

forums, etc.

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