================================================== Web Ontology Language for services

Ontologie : Urbanités

élément : Description_Language_Standard_Class

rdf:ID : Web_Ontology_Language_for_services

rdfs:label : Web Ontology Language for services

OWL-S is an ontology built on top of Web Ontology Language (OWL) by the DARPA DAML program. It replaces the former DAML-S ontology. "OWL-S is an ontology, within the OWL-based framework of the Semantic Web, for describing Semantic Web Services. It will enable users and software agents to automatically discover, invoke, compose, and monitor Web resources offering services, under specified constraints."

image/svg+xml Conception : Henry Boccon-Gibod Description Language Standard c Nom propre c source Wikipedia D http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OWL-S voir le document P SOA6 Page 39 - OWL-S : Concepts principaux Documents sur Semantic SOA voir aussi S OWL a pour acronyme P OWL-S rdf:type P Nom propre Web Ontology Language for services